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Definition of prosthesis:  An artificial substitute or replacement of a part of the body.  The word “prosthesis” comes via New Latin from the Greek "prostithenai" meaning "to add to, or to put in addition."

Basic Timeline for Prosthetic Use:
After the limb is healed, the first prosthesis is a preparatory device.  A preparatory prosthesis should last a patient between 3-9 months; it is designed to allow a patient to meet their functional goals while the limb is undergoing physiological changes.  Once it has been decided that the preparatory prosthesis is no longer functional, a definitive prosthesis will be made.  A definitive prosthesis typically comes with a more technologically advanced foot/ankle complex, which is designed to reduce pressures from the patient’s residual limb and decrease energy expenditure while walking.  The definitive prosthesis is designed for long term use.  Depending on the level of amputation (below/above the knee), there are several different prosthetic designs, which will be decided based upon functional level and ability of the patient.

Quality of Care:
We provide the entire array of prostheses from traditional devices to the newest computer driven technology. We are certified in utilization and service of microprocessor knee units, such as the C-leg and the Rheo.  We have also provided the first i-limb in the state of Montana.  The i-limb is the most technologically advanced terminal device for upper extremity prostheses.

WMOP was founded on, and operates daily, with the understanding that providing a custom made prosthesis is very important and personal.  Doug Turner, our founder, has worn a variety of prostheses for over 30 years, encompassing the spectrum from wooden legs to microprocessor knees, and is currently using a C-leg.  Our personal understanding and empathy sets the tone for all of our patient interactions.